Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ele há meses assim

The more turbulent time of the month won't arise until mid-month. Mark the time from September 15 to 23 as very rough, when almost everyone you interact with will be feeling raw, and you may find your nerves jangled, too. Don't ask for favors, present ideas, or launch new projects this month - this week will be September at its worst.

The message will be, "Be realistic." This month will not allow any room for wishful thinking, and I think that is what will make it so very difficult for most people. Most of us need a little fantasy during tough times, but this month will be all about facing facts, letting go of pretense, and dealing what "is" rather than what "might be." The handwriting will be on the wall, but what you decide to do about what you see on that wall will be up to you.

This new moon September 18 will fall in your twelfth house, so you may find that you are running back and forth to a hospital or dentist's office, either for yourself or to be present for a beloved relative or friend.

At work, you may have to keep your antenna up for political plotting by co-workers in your department. The problem person won't be someone that you report to but rather someone on your level or who reports to you that needs to be watched. I don't want to make you overly anxious about this possibility but rather more aware that something may be amiss and happening right under your nose.

Any new job you discuss now through the first half of October would be one that comes with much more responsibility and authority. Surely it would be a prize job, and one anyone would love to get! This would not be the case of trading one job for another - this is a big step up! You've not had the kind of help you are getting from Mars now for at least two years, so this is a really great time to be looking for a better position. In fact, the period August 25 to October 15 will be your best of 2009 for advancement.

Those are dates when transiting Mars will reach an important mathematical trigger point of both the July eclipses. You may need to give up something to gain something else as that's how eclipses work, but you are moving to a better place. You seem destined to climb the ladder of success!

Often we go along, either happy in our roles or unhappy, but too fearful to make changes. Living in a routine makes us assume we can keep the status quo going for a very long time, if not forever. That's not possible of course, for if there is anything we can count on, it's that the planets are forever on the move, pushing us to evolve to greater levels of maturity. The universe wants us to have productive relationships and jobs and to weed out what is allowing that to happen. As you move into the later months of the year, welcome change!


Whatever occurred just after June 22 and the solar eclipse July 21 has made you see that when the question concerns your professional life, there is a big world outside your window - and clearly, you have options!

At mid-month, look for ways to do your job in a more productive way, perhaps by using new technology.

Take a step to end a habit just after the new moon September 18.

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